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Moda Parfait Batiks


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Boro Trim Twill Tape 1.5" Indgo


Boro Trim Twill Tape 1.5" Ivory


Boro Trim Twill Tape 1.5" Natrl


Boro Trim Webbing 1.5" Indigo


Boro Trim Webbing 1.5" Ivory


Boro Trim Webbing 1.5" Natural


Martingale 12-Pack Quilts Simple Quilts that Start with 12 Fat Quarters


Moda Bungalow Kate Spain Jazz Petal


Moda Compositions Basic Grey Type Keys Stone

$6.99 $11.99

Moda Compositions Basic Grey Type Keys Taupe

$6.99 $11.99

Moda Gradients II Onyx

$3.00 $12.99

Moda Hey Dot Mod Dot Aqua


Moda Hey Dot Mod Dot Fuchsia Zen Chic

$6.99 $11.99

Moda Paradiso Cloud Grey

$3.00 $10.99

Moda Parfait Blackberry 4351-33


Moda Parfait Blackberry 4351-35


Moda Parfait Blue Raspberry 4351-19


Moda Parfait Blue Raspberry 4351-20


Moda Parfait Blue Raspberry 4351-29


Moda Parfait Blueberry 4351-30


Moda Parfait Blueberry 4351-31


Moda Parfait Blueberry 4351-32


Moda Parfait Grape 4351-34


Moda Parfait Pineapple 4351-21


Moda Parfait Rainbow 4351-28


Moda Parfait Raspberry 4351-26


Moda Parfait Raspberry 4351-27


Moda Parfait Sorbet 4351-16


Moda Parfait Sorbet 4351-18


Moda Parfait Spice 4351-25


Moda Parfait Strawberry Swirl 4351-15


Moda Parfait Tangerine 4351-22


Moda Parfait Tangerine 4351-23


Moda Parfait Vanilla 4351-12


Moda Parfait Vanilla 4351-13


Moda Parfait Vanilla 4351-14


Moda Parfait Vanilla Bean 4351-24


Moda Parfait Vanilla Sorbet 4351-11


Moda Precuts Bella Solids Layer Cake White


Moda Precuts Sweet Pea Lily Jelly Roll?


Moda Voyage Kerala Mandarin


Moda Voyage Kew Mandarin


Moda Wild Free Rosie By Abi Hall

$3.00 $11.99




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Lollipops Quilt Shop is the home of Lollipops® Designer Bindings, a small US manufacturer of bias binding notions for the quilting and sewing industry. Owner Laurie Malm developed Lollipops® bindings as a time saving method for the modern quilter.