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I will be retiring March 31st and our store will be closing.  

  • Beginning tomorrow at 10 am all fabrics, notions, books, patterns will be 50% off

  • All Machines and Machine Accessories will be deeply discounted as well

  • Certain Specialty items, like kits and consignment items, will remain full price 

  • Fixtures will also be available for purchase

Please allow for extra time for check out as we are short handed this week with Lynn on vacation.  We will get to you as quickly as we can.  Thank you and we hope to see you sometime this month as we ready the store for closing.


While I don’t subscribe to the idea that “You didn’t build it...”, I do agree that you cannot make a company “good” without the help of many others who support you at all times - good and not so good...So I have a few people who I wish to acknowledge with heartfelt gratitude...

...First and foremost, my husband, who has been my back and my backboard through 15 years of this adventure known as Lollipops.  He’s made lollipop trees, cut out cardboard, turtles, shells, Hawaiians, loaded vans and trucks and cars...he’s listened to the complaints and jumped for the joys...thank you Rick for your abiding love and support.

...My son Eric, who’s only role in all this was to motivate me to not think about the unthinkable as he served his country in 4 tours in Iraq, including the invasion in 2003.  Without that happening, Lollipops would never have been conjured in this crazy brain of mine...and thankfully, he came home with all his fingers and toes...albeit with scars that only veterans can know about and understand.  I love him with all my heart.  (I love his brother too - an active duty Marine - thankfully,  his job is behind a computer stateside!)

...My dearest and sweetest sister Mary, who became an extraordinary quilter - a talent she honed to perfection in her four short years in quilting.   I know she touched many of your lives - I am glad you got to know her.  I am glad she and I had that time together.  The very public mourning of her departure from this life has at times been excruciatingly painful for me - I kept my chin up as our WWII parents taught us - but I am glad now to quietly mourn her alone.

...My girls...honestly without Robbie, Lynn, Rhonda and Susan - I am not sure how this ever could have happened.  I thank all of you sincerely and forever - you are my sewing sisters, my sisters from ‘anotha motha’ , my forever all have been so giving and so generous with your talent and time - I will miss seeing all of you everyday...Others have come and gone and they also helped buoy up our shop - to all of you, thank you no matter how we may have departed...Cynthia J, Bea, Lauri, Nancy and Barb - I wish you all well.

...and finally all of you, our customers...we have laughed together, created great quilts and embroideries and maybe some not so great ones - but we did it was sheer joy I think for all of us to watch you catch the quilt or sewing or embroidery bug - to learn and create and expand your creativity.  To make new friends and be our friends...Amelia Island has many many talented women...keep creating!  Thank you for being part of this dream called Lollipops Quilt Shop!

Retirement is a time for celebration - I am closing this chapter and opening the next begins with ...

“Elizabeth and Amelia were two sisters who had a Nana who loved them so much, she decided to retire and spend her days with them...their Mother, Amber, was like a daughter to their Nana and she needed her advice on most things, but mostly, she loved to hang out and talk about the future and where they might live someday, together...


and that says it all...



1881 So. 14th St. Ste. 5,
        Fernandina, FL 32034

        M-F 10am-5pm 
        Sat 10am-6pm
        Closed Sunday


Lollipops Quilt Shop is the home of Lollipops® Designer Bindings, a small US manufacturer of bias binding notions for the quilting and sewing industry. Owner Laurie Malm developed Lollipops® bindings as a time saving method for the modern quilter.